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Register a Representative Office in Vietnam

Represent your company in Vietnam without setting up a Vietnamese company

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Foreign companies wanting to carry out market research before deciding to expand to Vietnam or planning to move supporting roles such as promotion and advertisement of the foreign company to Vietnam, can register a representative office and do not need to set up a separate legal entity or register a branch. The only restriction to the parent company is that it must be registered abroad for at least 1 year before a representative office can be registered.

Registering a representative office allows you to:

  • Establish your business without registering a separate legal entity
  • No need for a complex corporate structure
  • Build your team in Vietnam and hire employees legally
  • Conduct market research, advertise your parent company, find trade and investment partners

Emerhub will give you instructions on collecting the relevant documents for registering a representative office and will take care of the communication and submission of applications.

Companies who plan to earn revenue or conduct commercial activities should consider registering a branch, limited liability company, or joint stock company.

Type Branch Representative Office
Registration timeframe Approximately 1 month Approximately 1 month
Suitable for Investors planning to conduct commercial activities and earn revenue without registering a separate legal entity in Vietnam Investors planning not to conduct any commercial activities and earn revenue, and who do not want to register a legal entity in Vietnam
Restrictions Parent company must be established for at least 5 years Parent company must be established for at least 1 year
Business activities Activities are limited to the activities of the parent company Activities are limited to market research and carrying out supporting roles such as finding trade investment opportunities and partners, advertising and promoting the parent company
Corporate structure At least one legal representative managing the branch’s day to day activities At least one legal representative managing the representative office’s day to day activities
Liability Parent company’s liability is unlimited Parent company’s liability is unlimited

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